Building Bridges Initiative

DVDance is attempting to connect our next generation of artists to current professionals in the art of Dance by creating an annual exchange between DVDance and the international community of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  This initiative will fly artists to Baha Mexico to teach a series of master classes culminating in an outdoor performance.

This exchange will allow the dance students an opportunity to take classes, have direct access and exchange to current dance professionals in the field, and allow for DVDance performances.

Our Mission and Goals


The purpose of this initiative is to address the need of fostering art and collaborations between professional dance companies and between the communities we have roots to.


·          Make dance accessible to those willing to learn

·          Provide a safe and nurturing environment so the opportunity for dance may happen

·          To allow DVDance to perform selected works internationally

·          To foster an on-going annual exchange for dance to inspire hope, wishes and dreams

  • Who’s involved?


    Dominic V. Duong ~ Artistic Director

    Pearl C. Wang ~ Visionary Director

    Michael Strehl McSilvers ~ Executive Producer

    Epifanio Silva ~ Company Manager

    Michel Ashley Chord ~ International Ambassador

    Fabricio Olsson ~ Technical Director

    Alex Lindeman ~ Video/Sound Production

    Photography Director ~ Ryan Kwok

    Kyle O’Dea – Production Technician

    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Luciano Gomez ~ Owner of Danza del Angel Danza

    Todos Santos, Mexico

    Carlos Guluarte ~ Lead to Colectivo Zenda

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